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welcome to exchange: our ongoing conversation exploring the intersection of culture, food, design – and the ever changing ways we see the world.
we think the most captivating conversations happen when friends gather at the dinner table – however dinner table may be defined. the blend of unique perspectives, unencumbered ideas, and unaligned opinions make for a discussion that is both meandering and insightful – where we can simultaneously talk about everything without rushing to reach a conclusion.
and that’s what you’ll find here: dinner party-style dialogue focused on the things we find fascinating – and that we think you will too.
Essential Knowledge.

material properties of high performance cookware.

What makes 'high performance cookware' perform? From a technical perspective, it comes down to two things: the materials used and the way those materials are combined. Read on for Ensembl's deep dive into the fascinating world of materials engineering, as we explore the properties of high performance cookware.
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